Why Buyback

Is buying a GM repurchased vehicle right for me? Yes!

What is a GM repurchased vehicle?

A GM repurchased vehicle is exactly what it sounds like. GM buys the vehicle back from the original owner due to either a real or perceived issue. Usually this occurs due to a recognized issue that was not repaired in a timely manner, or the problem was misdiagnosed or not detected by the repairing dealer. These issues can range from functional to cosmetic. Because GM stands behind their product and wants to ensure the satisfaction of the owner, GM assists with the purchase of a replacement vehicle and then thoroughly inspects the returning vehicle to ensure that it meets GM standards. Once it is verified to meet stringent standards the vehicle is then offered for resale through a GM authorized dealer such as Arnie Bauer Buick GMC Matteson. The vehicle is then brought to our facility and checked once again and fully reconditioned for resale. All these vehicles come from GM with a packet of paperwork documenting the problem and repair history.

Why should I buy a GM repurchased vehicle?

Simply put: They’re a great deal! Sometimes thousands less than a comparable same mileage vehicle! Again, Arnie Bauer Buick GMC Matteson acquires these vehicles from GM directly and then we go through our own inspection process. All our vehicles are subjected to a 172-point inspection and are then fully detailed and reconditioned to like-new standards. On top of this, vehicles that were said to have functional problems are driven by our staff to verify that they are indeed repaired and operating as intended. We have sold hundreds of these vehicles over the past several years and have not had a single customer return claiming to experience the same problem.

Is a GM repurchase safe for my family?

Yes. Arnie Bauer Buick GMC Matteson is a 75+ year old family owned business and we would never sell an unsafe vehicle. That goes for GM as well. Between the rigorous tests and inspections done by GM and Arnie Bauer Buick GMC Matteson, we can assure a reliable and safe vehicle for you and your loved ones.

What about the Carfax?

It may or may not show up on the Carfax as a branded/lemon/repurchased vehicle. All our vehicles come with a copy of the Carfax history report for your review.

Is a GM repurchased vehicle a defective or broken vehicle?

Not at all. Regardless of the reason for it being bought back by GM, the vehicle has been repaired to factory specification.

How is my resale value on the GM repurchase if I want to trade it in?

We specialize in repurchased vehicles! Some dealers who are not as familiar with them may feel hesitant to pay full market value, but knowledge is power if you decide to trade in a repurchased vehicle with Arnie Bauer Buick GMC Matteson. We are always willing to pay full-market value as we know the history of the vehicle. If you choose to trade elsewhere in the future, simply save the paperwork to show the reason for the repurchase so the dealer understands. Think of it like the vehicle was in an accident: Was it a cosmetic fender bender that required a little bit of touch-up or a was the vehicle towed and rebuilt? Often a history report just says “accident reported” without much detail. Knowing the story always helps a dealer sell a used vehicle to a potential owner!

Do I get a warranty with a GM repurchase?

Yes! When purchasing a GM repurchased vehicle, you will get a minimum 12 month/12,000 miles warranty (whichever occurs first). You are also entitled to any unexpired portion of the original factory warranty that remains on the vehicle. The unexpired warranty is from the date the vehicle was originally delivered to or put into service by the first owner. Ask your sales representative to explain the exact coverage for the specific vehicle. Also keep in mind this warranty applies at any GM-branded dealer in the United States.

What if the problem is not fixed?

The chances of the same problem surfacing again are slim to none as the testing and inspections by GM and Arnie Bauer Buick GMC Matteson are difficult to fool. In the rare case the issue does resurface, it will be covered by the warranty and GM would be notified that the problem persists. In any case, the problem will be attended to and solved!

What is my interest rate? Do I have to put money down?

Just like any loan, interest rates are based on credit history and term. The maximum amount financed on a GM repurchased vehicle is 100% loan value. Just like any vehicle it protects you from borrowing more than what the vehicle is worth. In some cases, money down may be necessary in order to not exceed loan limits. Ask your sales representative for details.

Arnie Bauer Buick GMC Regularly carries a number of these vehicles. Contact us for more information and details on our current inventory.

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