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This might seem like a daunting question at times, but really the answer is quite simple. It has to do with what you want out of a new vehicle. Continue reading and see if you find your answers.

Financing Benefits

Financing is all about ownership. When you finance a vehicle, you own it and can take it anywhere without contract penalties. Now, of course, you will still owe the bank money, so until you pay off the loan, we suggest taking care of your new vehicle. The plus of financing that we’re trying to stress here is you won’t have to deal with mileage limitations or wear-and-tear penalties.

Leasing Benefits

On the other hand, leasing allows people to avoid ownership commitments. They can return the vehicle a few years later and upgrade to a new one. However, with that freedom comes a cost. Drivers that choose to lease have mileage restrictions, wear-and-tear penalties and destination limits. If you don’t drive that often, don’t want ownership and want a little more car for a little less of a monthly payment, leasing is for you.

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