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Illinois is a great state to get out and explore. Whether you’re listening to the latest podcast or NPR channel, you might just end up wishing you had some great music along for the ride.
Music and road trips go hand in hand, and if you’re looking for some new tunes, there are many places to find and download music:
• iTunes Store
• Amazon MP3
• Spotify
• Napster
• eMusic
• 7digital
There are even more places to find a good song list. But how do you entertain the whole family? Or your best friend who decided to take his or her vacation time, so they could drive with you across the country. Or just Illinois.
If you’re travelling with your family, show tunes are always a great choice. Most of us can even sing along to some of the old standards:
• South Pacific
• West Side Story
• My Fair Lady
• Bye, Bye Birdie
• Grease
More genres to choose from, to satisfy most musical tastes:
• Folk
• Pop
• HipHop
• Jazz
• Country
• Classical
• Rap
• Punk
• Reggae
Doing a simple search online can go a long way in helping you to build your library. Searching Spotify, Pinterest and Google, will come up with some great choices, whether it’s an old favorite we know all the words to, or something brand new.
Have a great trip, and Drive Safe!

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